Nancy Sinatra Uses Twitter to Portray the Pain of Being Shut Out of Her Father's Last Hours

Twitter is a social phenomenon. In short, 140-word snippets, people make announcements, express opinions, answer questions and talk about their everyday existence for the world to see.

Then, every once in awhile, a series of Tweets takes on a life of it's own, allowing the writer to talk about a very personal experience and carry on a conversation with their friends or (in this case) fans, revealing a new dimension to what may or may not be an already known story. While it provides those friends and fans with the inside view on someone they admire, it also appears to be a cathartic experience for the writer.

That seems to be the case in a long series of Tweets on Monday afternoon by Nancy Sinatra on the 14th anniversary of her father, Frank Sinatra's, passing. At that time, Frank had been married to the former Barbara Marx for 21 years and it was well known that she had a contentious relationship with his three children, Nancy, Tina and Frank, Jr.

Nancy had also previously talked about how she and her siblings had not been able to say goodbye to their father through the actions of Barbara when he was on his deathbed. Earlier today, she Tweeted that "14 years ago today my father died and I was not given the chance to say goodbye. I will never forgive her for that. NEVER."

These are the Tweets that followed, an exchange with fans that almost seems like an interview. They are all in the original Twitter format (answer followed by the question that prompted it) and we have removed the ID of the person doing the questioning. It is an inside look into the heartbreak that Nancy felt and still feels today about those final hours.
Exactly. Karma is too good for her. @xxxxxxxx "yep some things are just too unforgivable

Not possible. @xxxxxxxx "Forgive is not the right word it's forget.

Did then and continues to hurt us today. A horrible human being. @xxxxxxxx "Do you think that she meant to hurt you in this way?

He asked "where are my children?" and his children didn't know @xxxxxxxx "Frank would know you were there for him. He would understand

She is evil personified. @xxxxxxxx "Jealousy and greed is an evil thing.

Road manager was there. @xxxxxxxx "How did you find out tht he asked for all of you

Believe me he would understand this. @xxxxxxxx "do you think your father would want you to still be mad?

Because then obits couldn't say "he died with his wife by his side." @xxxxxxxx @xxxxxxxx "why weren't you able/allowed to say goodbye

I am a stepmother. 1st person I called when my husband was dying was his son. @xxxxxxxx "Step parents are devils

Sorry, friends, I didn't mean to take up so much of your Twitter time with this.

She tells AMOST the whole story. Well worth the read if u r a Frank fan. @xxxxxxxx "I read your sister's book a few years back

Yes, it's true. @xxxxxxxx "karma has never gotten her. I wish it would but She gets what she wants and probably always will.

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