Press Fail: Bay City Rollers at White House Easter Egg Hunt Looks Like a Big April Fools Day Joke

A number of sites around the internet, including a couple of industry leaders, may have fallen for one big April Fool's joke.

There have been numerous reports all day that the Bay City Rollers will be playing at this years White House Easter Egg Roll, a move made after One Direction turned down an invitation.

From everything we've been able to see, the false information came from a parody site, Not the White House, which looks extraordinarily like the real White House site.

The parody site even uses an address very close to the real White House's.

According to the parody site
2012 Easter Egg Roll Performers

This year's musical performers will be the beloved Bay City Rollers! The original Scottish boy-band from the 1970s will reunite for a one-time only concert. Known for their big hits "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night" and "Keep On Dancing", they are sure to delight not only the little ones, but their middle-aged moms as well!
Those who read farther down on the page see a few more indications that the whole Bay City Rollers thing may be fake, including the announcement that the costume characters for this year's Roll would all be from the series Family Guy as they are "characters that reflect the importance of family values." That's followed by the "fact" that there will be egg tossing and tennis on the White House roof and "ball pit fun in the oval office."

To see the full parody, go to

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