Reg Presley of the Troggs Announces Cancer Diagnosis, Retirement From Music

Reg Presley, lead singer of the Troggs, has announced that he is suffering from lung cancer and retiring from the music business.

On the group's official website, Presley wrote:
As you all know I was taken ill whilst doing a gig in Germany in December. During my stay in hospital tests showed that in fact I have lung cancer. I am receiving chemotherapy treatment and at the moment not feeling too bad.

However I’ve had to call time on The Troggs and retire. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the cards and calls and for your love, loyalty and support over the years.

A big thank you to Jackie for running the fan club and keeping you all up to speed, and a huge and special thank you to Chris, Pete and Dave.

I shall miss you all.

Lots of Love

The group formed in 1964 and had a series of hits in both the U.S. and Britain including Wild Thing, With a Girl Like You, I Can't Control Myself and Love is All Around.

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Jensen Lee said...

Sad to hear the news about Reg Presley. While the Troggs pioneered Neanderthal rock with 1966’s “Wild Thing,” the song was first written by Chip Taylor for the Wild Ones, the house band of Sybil Burton’s NYC discotheque Arthur. On request, Taylor took three hours to write, record and deliver a demo of the song, complete with a whistling interlude by an engineer. The Wild Ones’ version suffered from too much orchestration and died a quick death. Rockaeology at tells how the Reg Presley discovered the demo in London and reinstated the primitive sound of Taylor’s original, substituted an ocarina for the whistling and hit number one in a few weeks.

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