Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Back Together For New Track

It was thirty years ago that Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder went to the top of the charts with Ebony and Ivory. Now, they've gotten back together in the studio to record one of the original tracks for McCartney's new standards album, Kisses on the Bottom.  Only Our Hearts is one of two McCartney originals on the album.
Photo: M.J. Kim
Paul said of working again with Stevie for the album:
Stevie came along to the studio in LA and he listened to the track for about ten minutes and he totally got it. He just went to the mic and within 20 minutes had nailed this dynamite solo. When you listen you just think, 'How do you come up with that?' But it's just because he is a genius, that's why.
The track was recorded at the legendary Capital Records studios in Los Angeles. Look for the album on February 7.

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