Friday, November 26, 2010

Weird Al Yankovic Talks About Beer Endorsement He Turned Down

by Andrew Tijs of Undercover

The Essential Weird Al Yankovic'Weird Al' Yankovic doesn't regret a lot from his career, and that goes for a multi-million dollar beer endorsement, but those millions were tempting.

The musical prankster told Mojo Magazine that he was offered five million dollars to become the ongoing spokesman for a beer brand.

And to this day he still thinks about the decision to turn down the offer.

He said, "I don’t have a whole lot of regrets. A number of years ago a beer company offered me five million dollars, back when that was a lot of money, to be their commercial spokesperson."

He said he turned it down because, "a lot of my fans were young and impressionable, so ethically I believe I did the right thing, but not a day goes by when I don’t think, 'Hmm, an extra five million dollars would really come in handy'."

This family-friendly policy bears out, as in the past he has expressed concern that certain, more profane parodies by other comedians have been attributed to him.

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Note that we changed the original title of this article, "Weird Al Yankovic Regrets Turning Down Beer Endorsement" and some of the text after Al refuted the regrets on Twitter ("This headline is inaccurate – I NEVER regretted the decision. It’s just a bummer to turn down that much money, you know?").  Our apologies to Al.


Rob T Firefly said...

Weird Al just refuted this on his Twitter. Quote: "This headline is inaccurate – I NEVER regretted the decision. It’s just a bummer to turn down that much money, you know?"

Ludovica said...

Al's never made a secret of this. It's well known that he turned down the money, and why he did. He says he made the right decision, but the money would have been nice

Accordion said...

Too bad he didn't get such an offer from a less lethal beverage...

Carlvin said...

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