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Nile Rodgers Collaborates With Rudimental For New Take on "Le Chic"

by Newsdesk

Grammy Award winning music legend Nile Rodgers and chart-topping Rudimental today announce a once in a lifetime collaboration, where the two artists will combine to remix and re-release CHIC's classic hit record Le Freak.

The track will be co-produced by young people from across the UK and played for the first time at a secret gig later this year.

The world renowned artists have teamed up with GoThinkBig, a work experience initiative launched by O2 and Bauer Media, to offer young people across the country a chance to join their 'supergroup'. Nile, Rudimental and GoThinkBig will be recruiting up to 100 young people to fill job roles in support of Le Freak's re-release, nearly 40 years after it first went to number one on the US and UK charts.

From Wednesday, August 27, young people aged between 16 and 24 can apply for a host of different roles through the GoThinkBig website (, with successful entrants picked by a panel of judges. The project offers applicants a unique opportunity to kick-start their career by landing a once in a lifetime work placement.

A huge range of positions will be made available from production to performance, from sound technicians through to studio managers, camera crew to stylists and box office to marketing.

Launched in 2012 by O2 and Bauer Media, is a website dedicated to helping young people gain valuable skills through work experience and careers advice. More than 250,000 young people use the site to browse work placements and by the end of 2015, the programme will have offered 30,000 experience and skills opportunities to 16-24 year olds.

Each young person appointed to a role will work closely with a professional counterpart during September for the production of the track and music video, and early October for the secret gig.

Nile Rodgers, of CHIC and the Founder of We Are Family Foundation said "I know the feeling of rejection from when I started out and for many young people it's hard to get their first career break. That's why I've joined forces with GoThinkBig to offer up opportunities to remix my most successful track, Le Freak and inspire young people across the UK to dream big."

Amir Amor, of Rudimental said "There are so many talented young people across the UK who all too often don't get the chance to prove themselves in a real work environment. That's why we wanted to get involved with GoThinkBig, using this amazing chance to remix one of the all-time great tracks to offer up opportunities for people to get a foot on the career ladder."

The campaign follows in the footsteps of GoThinkBig's partnership with Rizzle Kicks last year, where 75 young people in the UK were recruited to work on the set of the music video for their hit track Lost Generation. It was a huge success, with three of the young people gaining full time jobs from their roles.

For more information on how to apply visit or follow @GoThinkBig using #GTBfreaks.

The Beatles Top Harris Poll of America's Favorite Musical Artists

Harris Interactive have released their annual poll of American's favorite musical artists and it has majorly changed from 2013.

The Beatles continue to lead the poll with Elvis Presley in second, showing the lasting popularity and influence of these two iconic artists. Beyonce debuts in third place while Led Zeppelin hit the list for the first time in fourth.

Overall, six of the top ten were not on the 2013 list showing the changing musical taste of Americans along with the effects of new releases/tours, social media and publicity, in general.

The top ten, including a four-way tie at number 7:
  • 01. Beatles
  • 02. Elvis Presley
  • 03. Beyonce
  • 04. Led Zeppelin
  • 05. George Strait
  • 06. Bruno Mars
  • 07. Neil Diamond
  • 07. Eagles
  • 07. Garth Brooks
  • 07. Celine Dion
Dropping off the list are Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Alan Jackson, U2, Lady Gaga and Frank Sinatra.

Men chose the Beatles as their favorite while women chose Beyonce. Regionally, the majority of the country selected the Beatles while the midwest went with Bruno Mars. 

Over generations, there is also a major difference in favorites. The oldest group (Matures) chose Willie Nelson while Baby Boomers said the Beatles, Gen Xers went with Metallica and Millennials like Beyonce. 

Harris polled 2,306 Americans to compile the list. 

Set List: Kate Bush Plays Her First Show in 35 Years (Updated)

Update August 27, 2014
Early reports from the concert inaccurately listed a number of the songs performed. The updated story and list is shown below.

Kate Bush took the stage on Tuesday night at London's Eventim Apollo to play her first show in 35 years. It is the first of 21 shows that she will perform at the venue between now and October 1.

Reports have her taking the stage barefoot and in a black dress. The crowd gave her a standing ovation after practically every song.

The show was very theatrical with such special effects as a lighting rig that has the sound of helicopter blades being piped out of it sailing across the audience and a number of different set changes with theatrical lighting.

Security in the venue is keeping a very tight cap on phones and cameras, so don't expect a lot of shots from the show.

Bush performed ten of the twelve songs from her 1985 album Hounds of Love including the entire original side two, The Ninth Wave, and eleven of the sixteen tracks from 2005's Aeriel. Overall, she only touched on four of her nine studio albums with original material.

The set list:
  • Lily (from The Red Shoes, 1993)
  • Hounds of Love (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Joanni (from Aerial, 2005)
  • Running Up That Hill (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Top of the City (from The Red Shoes, 1993)
  • King of the Mountain (from Aerial, 2005)
  • The Ninth Wave
    • And Dream of Sheep (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
    • Under Ice (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
    • Waking the Witch (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
    • Watching You Without Me (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
    • Jig of Life (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
    • Hello Earth (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
    • The Morning Fog (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • A Sky of Honey
    • Prelude (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • Prologue (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • An Architect’s Dream (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • The Painter’s Link (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • Sunset (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • Aerial Tal (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • Somewhere in Between (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • Nocturn (from Aeriel, 2005)
    • Aerial (from Aeriel, 2005)
  • Encore
    • Among Angels (from 50 Words For Snow, 2011)
    • Cloudbusting (from Hounds of Love, 1985)

The originally reported set list:
  • Lily (from The Red Shoes, 1993)
  • Hounds of Love (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Running Up That Hill (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • King of the Mountain (from Aerial, 2005)
  • Cloudbusting (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Sat in Your Lap (from The Dreaming, 1982)
  • Oh England My Lionheart (from Lionheart, 1978)
  • A Coral Room (from Aerial, 2005)
  • The Red Shoes (from The Red Shoes, 1993)
  • And Dream of Sheep (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Under Ice (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Waking the Witch (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Jig of Life (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • Hello Earth (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • The Morning Fog (from Hounds of Love, 1985)
  • The Sensual World (from The Sensual World, 1989)
  • Love and Anger (from The Sensual World, 1989)
  • This Woman's Work (from The Sensual World, 1989)
  • Lake Tahoe (from 50 Words For Snow, 2011)
  • Misty (from 50 Words For Snow, 2011)
  • Wild Man (from 50 Words For Snow, 2011)
  • Babooshka (from Never For Ever, 1980)
  • Army Dreamers (from Never For Ever, 1980)
  • The Man with the Child in His Eyes (from The Kick Inside, 1978)

Almanac: August 27, 2014

  • 1925 - Carter Stanley (Stanley Brothers) (d. 1966)
  • 1926 - Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn (d. 1996)
  • 1927 - Jimmy C. Newman (d. 2014)
  • 1937 - Phil Shulman (Gentle Giant) (77)
  • 1937 - Tommy Sands (77)
  • 1937 - J.D. Crowe (77)
  • 1939 - Edward Patten (Gladys Knight & the Pips) (d. 2005)
  • 1942 - Daryl Dragon (Captain & Tennille) (72)
  • 1943 - Randy Bachman (Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive) (71)
  • 1944 - Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck Bogert & Appice) (70)
  • 1945 - Malcolm "Duke" Allured (Showaddywaddy) (69)
  • 1949 - Jeff Cook (Alabama) (65)
  • 1951 - Kevin Kavanaugh (Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes) (63)
  • 1953 - Alex Lifeson (Rush) (61)
  • 1956 - Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) (58)
  • 1961 - Yolanda Adams (53)
  • 1967 - Bob Nastanovich (Pavement) (47)
  • 1970 - Tony Kanal (No Doubt) (44)
  • 1970 - Colt Ford (born Jason Brown) (44)
  • 1972 - Jimmy Pop (born James Franks) (Bloodhound Gang) (42)
  • 1975 - Lee Brennan (911) (39)
  • 1975 - Mase (born Mason Betha) (39)
  • 1979 - Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire) (35)
  • 1979 - Jon Siebels (Eve 6) (35)
  • 1986 - Mario (born Mario Barrett) (28)

  • 1987 - Benny Barnes (51)
  • 1967 - Brian Epstein - Overdose (32)
  • 1990 - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Helicopter crash (35)
  • 2000 - Richard Jaeger (percussionist) 

On This Day
  • 1954 - Mahalia Jackson signed with Columbia Records, where she would stay until 1967.
  • 1960 - The last Louisiana Hayride was broadcast
  • 1965 - The Beatles took a break from their tour to visit the Byrds in the recording studio and to meet Elvis Presley.
  • 1992 - The lyrics for A Day In the Life, handwritten by John Lennon, sell at auction for $87,000.
  • 1996 - Smashing Pumpkins finally started a promised tour after delays to bring two new drummers up to speed.
  • 1998 - Billy Joel cancelled his fall tour due to throat problems.
  • 2003 - Police are looking for Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge after finding 14 pounds of marijuana, guns and a large amount of cash in his home.
  • 2003 - Bobby Brown is sentenced to seven days in jail for a parole violation.
  • 2007 - Kevin Federline's lawyers asked Britney Spears to pay some of his legal fees from their divorce.
  • 2009 - Noel Gallagher quit Oasis saying he couldn't work with his brother Liam.

  • 1977 - Jimmy Buffett and Jane Slagsvol
  • 2003 - Janis Ian and Patricia Snyder
  • 2011 - Thomas Mars (Phoenix) and Sofia Coppola

  • 1971 - Meddle - Pink Floyd (final day of recording)


  • 1966 - Cherish - Association (single)
  • 1990 - No Fences - Garth Brooks
  • 1991 - Ten - Pearl Jam (debut)
  • 1996 - No Code - Pearl Jam
  • 1996 - ATLiens - OutKast
  • 2002 - Home - Dixie Chicks

Number Ones – U.S. Singles
  • 1988 - Monkey - George Michael (2 weeks)
  • 1994 - I'll Make Love to You - Boyz II Men (14 weeks)

Number Ones – U.S. Albums
  • 1988 - Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman (1 week)
  • 2005 - Chapter V - Staind (1 week)

Number Ones – U.S. R&B Singles
  • 1966 - Blowin' in the Wind - Stevie Wonder (1 week)
  • 1988 - Nice N Slow - Freddie Jackson (3 weeks)

Number Ones – U.S. Country Singles
  • 1977 - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle (4 weeks)
  • 1983 - Your Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation - Ronnie McDowell (1 week)
  • 1988 - The Wanderer - Eddie Rabbitt (1 week)
  • 1994 - Dreaming With My Eyes Open - Clay Walker (1 week)

Number Ones – U.K. Singles
  • 1964 - Have I the Right? - Honeycombs (2 weeks)
  • 1977 - Float On - Floaters (1 week)
  • 2000 - Music - Madonna (1 week)
  • 2006 - Deja Vu - Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z

Number Ones – U.K. Albums

  • 1977 - 20 All-Time Greats - Connie Francis (2 weeks)
  • 1988 - Kylie - Kylie Minogue (4 weeks)
  • 1994 - Come - Prince (1 week)
  • 2006 - Eyes Open - Snow Patrol (1 week (1 previous week at number 1))

Merle Haggard Says New Music is Too Much "Boogie Boogie Wham-Bam"; Has Material For Four Albums

Merle Haggard is not a fan of modern country music.

In a short interview with Rolling Stone, he said he doesn't listen to the radio much anymore:
Once in a while, I'll scan it and I don't understand what they're doing. I can't find the entertainment in it. I know these guys, occasionally play shows with them and they're all good people. But I wonder if that record they're making is something they can actually do. Too much boogie boogie wham-bam and not enough substance.
Haggard, one of the creators of country's Bakersfield Sound, had his first hit 51 years ago in 1963 with Sing a Sad Song (#13 Country) and has since had 38 number 1 country singles including such classics as Mama Tried, Okie From Muskogee, The Fightin' Side of Me and Pancho and Lefty with Willie Nelson.

He also tells the magazine that he has enough material and has started recording four new albums. He recently built a new studio which has made the recording process more convenient.

Merle is scheduled to receive the Academy of Country Music's Crystal Milestone Award during the ACM Honors on September 9 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morrissey Forges Ahead With European Tour; Chooses Tracks For Ramones Album

by Newsdesk and VVN Music

Morrissey has confirmed his first London show since 2011 and will be coming to The O2 on Saturday November 29.

The singer has had a busy year, releasing his highly acclaimed autobiography in October 2013, selling 110,000 in its first week and spending five weeks at #1.

His long awaited album World Peace Is None Of Your Business marked his first solo release since 2009's Years of Refusal. The album charted at number 2 in the UK, and is Morrissey's 12th top ten UK album. With all twelve tracks produced by Joe Chiccarelli in France, the record is musically rich and worldly.

This will be also be the first time Morrissey has performed in the UK since 2012, in which the new date follows a major tour across the US earlier this year.

Recent controversy with his record label, Harvest Records, has resulted in World being pulled from all digital retailers. Physical copies remain available.

The itinerary of the European tour:

  • 10/06 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum
  • 10/13 - Rome, Italy - Atlantico
  • 10/16 - Milan, Italy - Teatro Linear
  • 10/17 - Bologna, Italy - Paladozza
  • 10/19 - Pescara, Italy - Pala Gpii
  • 10/21 - Florence, Italy - Obihall
  • 10/22 - Padova, Italy - Geox Theater
  • 10/24 - Vienna, Austria - Konzerthaus
  • 11/05 - Hannover, Germany - Capitol
  • 11/08 - Lund, Sweden - Sparbank Arena
  • 11/09 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Falconer
  • 11/11 - Goteborg, Sweden - Lisebergshallen
  • 11/13 - Stockholm, Sweden - Hovet
  • 11/19 - Warsaw, Poland - Laznia Nowa
  • 11/23 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
  • 11/24 - Essen, Germany - Colosseum
  • 11/29 - London, England - O2 Arena

Moz has also curated the upcoming Best of the Ramones CD and DVD which will be put out by Sire/Rhino. He has not only picked the track list but also the cover artwork for the album (below).

Neil and Pegi Young Getting Divorced After 36 Years

Neil Young and his wife Pegi are heading for divorce after thirty-six years of marriage.

Young filed the divorce papers in San Mateo, CA on July 29. The first hearing on the motion is set for December 12.

Young met Pegi when she was working as a waitress and the pair married in 1978. The couple have two children together, Amber and Ben, who suffers from cerebral palsy. In 1986, Pegi founded The Bridge School to provide a place of education for children with severe physical and speech impairments.

The couple have worked together many times over the years musically. Pegi has recorded three albums and has her own group, The Survivors, which includes Spooner Oldham, Rick Rosas, Kevin Holly and Phil Jones. She has regularly sung backup on Young's tours since the 90's.

Both artists are on the bill for Farm Aid on September 13. There has been no word on whether the proceedings will change their plans.

Preview: "The Basement Tapes Complete" - Bob Dylan and The Band

Artist: Bob Dylan and The Band
Title: The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Volume 11
Release Date: November 4, 2014
Label: Columbia / Legacy
Format(s): 6-CDs, 2-CDs, 3-LPs, DD

In July 1966, Bob Dylan was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in upstate New York. During his recuperation, he got together with Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson and Levon Helm, the lineup that would eventually become The Band, in the basement of a small house in Saugerties, NY known as "Big Pink."  There, they recorded over one hundred songs from traditional folk music to brand new Dylan compositions.

None of the music from those sessions were released until 1975 and, even then, only sixteen songs were included on The Basement Tapes. On November 4, Columbia and Legacy will release the 6-CD definitive collection of "every salvageable recording" from the original tapes recorded both at Big Pink and a few recorded in the "Red Room" of Dylan's home.

Garth Hudson worked with Canadian music archivists and producer Jan Haust to restore the deteriorating tapes to the best sound possible, leading to their first digital preservation. Care was also taken to present the sixteen tracks from the 1975 release to the way they sounded when originally recorded in the summer of 1967.

Track List:

(all songs written by Bob Dylan unless otherwise noted)


Disc 1
  • Edge of the Ocean
  • My Bucket's Got a Hole in It (written by Clarence Williams)
  • Roll on Train
  • Mr. Blue (written by Dewayne Blackwell)
  • Belshazzar (written by Johnny Cash)
  • I Forgot to Remember to Forget (written by Charlie A Feathers and Stanley A Kesler)
  • You Win Again (written by Hank Williams)
  • Still in Town (written by Hank Cochran and Harlan Howard)
  • Waltzing with Sin (written by Sonny Burns and Red Hayes)
  • Big River (Take 1) (written by Johnny Cash)
  • Big River (Take 2) (written by Johnny Cash)
  • Folsom Prison Blues (written by Johnny Cash)
  • Bells of Rhymney (written by Idris Davies and Peter Seeger)
  • Spanish is the Loving Tongue
  • Under Control
  • Ol' Roison the Beau (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • I'm Guilty of Loving You
  • Cool Water (written by Bob Nolan)
  • The Auld Triangle (written by Brendan Francis Behan)
  • Po' Lazarus (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • I'm a Fool for You (Take 1)
  • I'm a Fool for You (Take 2)
Disc 2
  • Johnny Todd (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Tupelo (written by John Lee Hooker)
  • Kickin' My Dog Around (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • See You Later Allen Ginsberg (Take 1)
  • See You Later Allen Ginsberg (Take 2)
  • Tiny Montgomery
  • Big Dog
  • I'm Your Teenage Prayer
  • Four Strong Winds (written by Ian Tyson)
  • The French Girl (Take 1) (written by Ian Tyson and Sylvia Tyson)
  • The French Girl (Take 2) (written by Ian Tyson and Sylvia Tyson)
  • Joshua Gone Barbados (written by Eric Von Schmidt)
  • I'm in the Mood (written by Bernard Besman and John Lee Hooker)
  • Baby Ain't That Fine (written by Dallas Frazier)
  • Rock, Salt and Nails (written by Bruce Phillips)
  • A Fool Such As I (written by William Marvin Trader)
  • Song for Canada (written by Pete Gzowski and Ian Tyson)
  • People Get Ready (written by Curtis L Mayfield)
  • I Don't Hurt Anymore (written By Donald I Robertson and Walter E Rollins)
  • Be Careful of Stones That You Throw (written by Benjamin Lee Blankenship)
  • One Man's Loss
  • Lock Your Door
  • Baby, Won't You be My Baby
  • Try Me Little Girl
  • I Can't Make it Alone
  • Don't You Try Me Now
Disc 3
  • Young But Daily Growing (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Bonnie Ship the Diamond (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • The Hills of Mexico (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Down on Me (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • One for the Road
  • I'm Alright
  • Million Dollar Bash (Take 1)
  • Million Dollar Bash (Take 2)
  • Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread (Take 1)
  • Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread (Take 2)
  • I'm Not There
  • Please Mrs. Henry
  • Crash on the Levee (Take 1)
  • Crash on the Levee (Take 2)
  • Lo and Behold! (Take 1)
  • Lo and Behold! (Take 2)
  • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Take 1)
  • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Take 2)
  • I Shall be Released (Take 1)
  • I Shall be Released (Take 2)
  • This Wheel's on Fire (written by Bob Dylan and Rick Danko)
  • Too Much of Nothing (Take 1)
  • Too Much of Nothing (Take 2)
Disc 4
  • Tears of Rage (Take 1) (written by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel)
  • Tears of Rage (Take 2) (written by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel)
  • Tears of Rage (Take 3) (written by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel)
  • Quinn the Eskimo (Take 1)
  • Quinn the Eskimo (Take 2)
  • Open the Door Homer (Take 1)
  • Open the Door Homer (Take 2)
  • Open the Door Homer (Take 3)
  • Nothing Was Delivered (Take 1)
  • Nothing Was Delivered (Take 2)
  • Nothing Was Delivered (Take 3)
  • All American Boy (written by Bobby Bare)
  • Sign on the Cross
  • Odds and Ends (Take 1)
  • Odds and Ends (Take 2)
  • Get Your Rocks Off
  • Clothes Line Saga
  • Apple Suckling Tree (Take 1)
  • Apple Suckling Tree (Take 2)
  • Don't Ya Tell Henry
  • Bourbon Street
Disc 5
  • Blowin' in the Wind
  • One Too Many Mornings
  • A Satisfied Mind (written by Joe Hayes and Jack Rhodes)
  • It Ain't Me, Babe
  • Ain't No More Cane (Take 1) (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Ain't No More Cane (Take 2) (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • My Woman She's A-Leavin'
  • Santa-Fe
  • Mary Lou, I Love You Too
  • Dress it up, Better Have it All
  • Minstrel Boy
  • Silent Weekend
  • What's it Gonna be When it Comes Up
  • 900 Miles from My Home (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Wildwood Flower (written by A.P. Carter)
  • One Kind Favor (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • It's the Flight of the Bumblebee
  • Wild Wolf
  • Goin' to Acapulco
  • Gonna Get You Now
  • If I Were A Carpenter (written by James Timothy Hardin)
  • Confidential (written by Dorina Morgan)
  • All You Have to Do is Dream (Take 1)
  • All You Have to Do is Dream (Take 2)
Disc 6
  • 2 Dollars and 99 Cents
  • Jelly Bean
  • Any Time
  • Down by the Station
  • Hallelujah, I've Just Been Moved (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • That's the Breaks
  • Pretty Mary
  • Will the Circle be Unbroken (written by A.P. Carter)
  • King of France
  • She's on My Mind Again
  • Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • On a Rainy Afternoon
  • I Can't Come in with a Broken Heart
  • Next Time on the Highway
  • Northern Claim
  • Love is Only Mine
  • Silhouettes (written by Bob Crewe and Frank C Slay Jr.)
  • Bring it on Home
  • Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • The Spanish Song (Take 1)
  • The Spanish Song (Take 2)


Disc 1
  • Open the Door, Homer (Restored version)
  • Odds and Ends (Alternate version)
  • Million Dollar Bash (Alternate version)
  • One Too Many Mornings (Unreleased)
  • I Don't Hurt Anymore (Unreleased) (written by Donald I Robertson and Walter E Rollins)
  • Ain't No More Cane (Alternate version) (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Crash on the Levee (Restored version)
  • Tears of Rage (Without overdubs) (written by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel)
  • Dress it Up, Better Have it All (Unreleased)
  • I'm Not There (Previously released)
  • Johnny Todd (Unreleased) (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • Too Much of Nothing (Alternate version)
  • Quinn the Eskimo (Restored version)
  • Get Your Rocks Off (Unreleased)
  • Santa-Fe (Previously released)
  • Silent Weekend (Unreleased)
  • Clothes Line Saga (Restored version)
  • Please, Mrs. Henry (Restored version)
  • I Shall be Released (Restored version)
Disc 2
  • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Alternate version)
  • Lo and Behold! (Alternate version)
  • Minstrel Boy (Previously released)
  • Tiny Montgomery (Without overdubs)
  • All You Have to Do is Dream (Unreleased)
  • Goin' to Acapulco (Without overdubs)
  • 900 Miles from My Home (Unreleased) (Traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
  • One for the Road (Unreleased)
  • I'm Alright (Unreleased)
  • Blowin' in the Wind (Unreleased)
  • Apple Suckling Tree (Restored version)
  • Nothing Was Delivered (Restored version)
  • Folsom Prison Blues (Unreleased) (written by Johnny Cash)
  • This Wheel's on Fire (Without overdubs) (written by Bob Dylan and Rick Danko)
  • Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread (Restored version)
  • Don't Ya Tell Henry (Alternate version)
  • Baby, Won't You be My Baby (Unreleased)
  • Sign on the Cross (Unreleased)
  • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Without overdubs)